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Career Development

We take our work seriously and regard work as a thing related to the individual. We know that employees are the driving force of performance. Our scientists and technical experts create and continuously improve the coatings and tools which are the cornerstone of our business.

Every day, thousands of coating manufacturing employees around the world are fulfilling our commitment to quality. Our sales and service experts are the image spokespersons who show our company to our customers. Our dedication motivates us to continuously develop, manufacture and supply coating systems meeting the needs of our customers and their industries.


  • Sales Representative Recruitment

    Company Profile:

    As a leader in the powder coating industry, Huajia is committed to providing innovative, colorful, brilliant and sustainable coating solutions for the customers. From light vehicles manufactured in the original automobile factory, automotive repair and commercial vehicles to the fields of batteries, buildings and pipelines, the products are designed to resist corrosion, increase productivity and ensure durability of coating parts.


    Qualifications and requirements:

    (1)Sales experience of industrial products over 3 years (inclusive)

    (2)Adapt to long-term station abroad

    (3)Team-work spirit

    (4)Smooth communication between inside and outside

    (5)Good health

    (6)Junior college

    (7)Have a driving license

    (8)Can use English to communicate and the experience in coating sales is preferred


    Please send your resume to the mail box of:





    Adhering to the basic salary concept of paying according to position and performance, we use scientific salary management methods to provide each employee with competitiveness to outside and fairness to inside, and we fully guarantee employees to have equality, trust, respect, performance recognition and fair return.




    Enjoy the national policy benefits (five social insurance and one housing fund) according to relevant national laws and regulations, including statutory holidays and various holidays; heatstroke prevention subsidies; annual free physical examination; cash gifts for the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival; the provision of accommodations for non-local staff; free meals within duty time; membership fees of the labor union; cash gift for birthday; regular travel; clothing, etc.