Application industry


Powder coatings are widely used in electrical products such as control panels, telephones, transformers, lamps, etc. In fact, in order to achieve technical, economic and environmental advantages, powder coatings have been used in the industry for many years. In this highly specialized field, Huajia also has many years of experience. For example, for the powder coatings of the polyester type, the epoxy-polyester type and the Bonding metallic effect, the application standard is to consider whether the object to be coated is used indoors or outdoors.

Application field

  • IT terminal equipment
  • Electrical insulation
  • Control panel
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Shell
  • Transformer cabinet
  • Computer
  • Telecom
  • Indoor illumination
  • Outdoor illumination
  • Lamp-post and equipment
  • Transformer
  • Wind turbine

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